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Spark Tank 2023 embraces digital transformation culture

When the DTO announced our top five priorities earlier this year, we included “culture” as chief among them. We believe all Airmen and Guardians have a role to play in creating an organizational culture that embraces digital solutions, and we’re encouraged by the growing momentum we see across the Department every day. Spark Tank is one example of a program that’s making a positive impact.

In support of the DAF’s digital transformation culture shift initiative, Spark Tank 2023 (aka ST23) launched with a goal of 100% digital execution.

Air Force News

The program accomplished this by leveraging GAIN’s smart technology operating platform to streamline campaign communications between coordinators, moderators and intrapreneurs. Then, to ensure the fastest and most asynchronous coordination, the campaign management team created a Microsoft Teams collaboration forum for internal communications.

“The combination of Spark Tank operations’ digital workflows provided real-time updates, reduced the risk of outdated campaign or idea information, prevented locking data in email messages, and significantly reduced the coordination time gap between identifying concerns and devising solutions,” said Crystal Ortiz, SAF/MG Spark Tank operations action officer.

Read more about ST23 here.

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