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Help defeat the
enemies of progress

We invite you to take part in the DTO Agents of Change campaign, a recognition and learning opportunity for digital doers across the Air and Space Force.

Tell us how you or your colleagues have contributed to the DAF’s digital transformation.

We want to celebrate your successes, give them increased visibility, and help bring them to scale. We’re also creating a supportive space to openly share insights from “failures,” which we know are equally—if not more—valuable in accelerating digital transformation.

The info you provide will help us further unmask enemies of progress—the organizational obstacles standing in our way—and identify DAF workforce superpowers poised to defeat them.

“To achieve digital transformation, the DAF must create a positive and supportive environment for Airmen and Guardians who are collaborating, experimenting, and driving the rapid adoption of digital technologies. That’s what the Digital Agents of Change campaign is all about—elevating and engaging the trailblazers among us.”
–Jacqueline Janning-Lask, Director of Engineering and Technical Management and Chief Engineer, AFLCMC

“A successful digital transformation is more likely to come from the cumulative impact of incremental gains rather than sweeping shifts. When stacked up, small wins can make a BIG difference.”
–J. Kyle Hurst, DAF DTO Chief


Every contribution counts.

We know meaningful progress toward digital transformation is being made every day throughout the organization. We’d especially like to hear from our acquisition and sustainment colleagues in program management, engineering, logistics, contracting, finance, and related functions.

We’ll select standouts for recognition, special access, and scaling opportunities.

We’re proud to introduce a rapidly growing lineup of Airmen and Guardians who are flexing their superpowers to obliterate organizational obstacles that hinder the DAF’s digital transformation. Their efforts are an inspiration to us all.

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Want to explore the backstories behind our Agents’ accomplishments?

The Agents of Change have told us about their experiences working to improve and automate archaic processes, fight through bureaucracy to deploy modern tools, revamp business practices to better leverage data and models, and more. Check out their campaign submissions.

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