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Celebrating our colleagues’ superpowers

DAF Digital Agents of Change are taking down the enemies of progress by unleashing the full force of their individual superpowers—the unique skills and behaviors that make them true standouts in our community of digital doers. 

After connecting with hundreds of Airmen and Guardians via events, surveys, and other activities to learn more about their experiences striving to advance digital transformation, we’ve compiled a short list of superpowers that we believe are game changers.

The top 10 (in no particular order!)…

Perseveres with steadfast optimism
Easily adapts to changing circumstances
Reflexively forges connections
Finds loopholes to bypass challenges
Shows bias for swift action
Boldly advocates for change
Imagines new possibilities
Leverages deep subject matter expertise
Relentlessly seeks to understand root causes
Adeptly navigates uncharted territory

Which superpowers have you observed?

Have you witnessed a colleague demonstrating the superpowers above, or any others that we missed, in support of the DAF’s digital transformation? Visit and follow our guidance to participate in the Digital Agents of Change campaign. 

Agents identified through the campaign will receive recognition via DAF internal and external communications and, in some cases, special access and scaling opportunities.

We look forward to checking out your submissions!

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